Donaldson® Expands Snap-In

Mar 14, 2017

“The snap-in option provides tool-free filter installation,” said Joe Kiolbasa, Market Manager in the Industrial Air Filtration division of Donaldson. “Combined with our sturdy pleated filters, snap-in installation can reduce labor and downtime costs by up to 50 percent compared with standard felt bags and cages.”

Donaldson’s Ultra-Web® pleated bag filters already provide substantial cost-savings over felt bags. With the combination of Ultra-Web fine fiber media and sturdy spun-bond polyester substrate, the technology traps dust on the surface media, creating these advantages:

  • Longer filter life: up to three times the filter life of 16-ounce polyester felt bags
  • Cost-savings: lower energy use and reduced maintenance and downtime costs
  • Cleaner air: greater filtration efficiency that captures submicron dust particles (0.3 micron and larger)

“If you’re dealing with abrasive dust, pleated bag filters are much more durable and have a lower chance of abrading than a felt bag,” said Kiolbasa. “Donaldson’s pleated bags have more media, so the dust collector can run at a lower air-to-cloth ratio, which exposes each square foot of filtration media to less dust and extends filter life.”

Pleated filter bags are often recommended as a problem-solver if facilities report premature wear in their felt bags. But using pleated bags right from the start can prevent problems and quickly save money. And, purchasing pleated bag filters in a new RF dust collector may require fewer filters – another potential savings for the operation.

For additional information about Ultra-Web pleated filter bags for the Torit RF Baghouse and Modular Baghouse models, including the snap-in option, visit or call 800/365-1331.